Va. Tech student expresses support for NIU victims

(U-WIRE) DEKALB, Ill. – Prayers for the victims of the Valentine’s Day shootings won’t be isolated within the NIU community.

Bryce Carter, a Virginia Tech sophomore, said NIU can expect to see a lot of support from his university.

“It’s horrible to see NIU going through the same tragedy we did,” Carter said. “We are sending out our thoughts and prayers to the victims.”

Carter updated his Facebook icon to two black ribbons with the NIU and Virginia Tech logos to show his support.

He said he understands the situation NIU is facing, and he has experienced the emotions NIU students must be going through and how difficult they are to overcome.

Carter stressed the importance of unity.

“Today, we’re all Huskies,” he said. “We’re all in this together.”

Many students will be wearing NIU colors to respect those impacted by the school shooting.

This is a sentiment that was widely embraced after the tragedy at Virginia Tech in April 2007, when students at NIU wore orange and maroon to honor the victims.

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