Lights…Camera…The Results are in….

The Campus Movie Fest at The University of Tampa had over sixty-five teams enter to make the best movie in over five categories.

The categories included Best Picture, Best Drama, Best Organization, Best Comedy and The Audience Choice Award.

The top sixteen teams were chosen from a group of judges to be put on the big screen in Falk Theater, open for UT students to watch.

Films ranged from a variety of genres from action films, to scary haunted houses such as Plant Hall and other student environments such as parties.

After every four movies shown in the presentation, Audience members were given prizes such as T-shirts, ipod shuffles and tickest to the Campus Movie Fest Regional Finale in Orlando. Each team that won an award received ipod shuffles for each member. The winners of the Best Picture won ipod nanos for each member of the team.

Students had one week to complete their five-minute movie and they had to be finished by last Wednesday, Feb. 6. From that time on until the finale a group of students judged the movies and decide on the winners for each category.

Best Drama – “Relapse”

Synopsis: A guy thinks there is a girl at a party. He’s sees her and then she gets up to go to the bathroom. After he waits for her to come back she never comes. He asks the other friends at the party. They claim they never saw her. They consider him crazy and lock him in a mental ward.

Cinematic maven Christopher Favaloro wrote and directed the film “Relapse,” winner of CMF’s Best Drama, with the assistance of his friend Mike Clancy.

“We wanted it to be a dream concept.” Favaloro said shortly after accepting the award with his team.

The film was a moving story of a man trapped in a dream, or what were to be a nightmare, and his inability to regain consciousness.

The Relapse team captured and produced their film in three days.

Favaloro dedicated the win to the memory of Nick Kopplin, who passed away before the start of last semester.

Best Comedy – “Vagcor”

Synopsis: The latest STD cure is out and it’s Vagcor. Vagcor was compared to the acne medicine, ProActive, except it treated STDs. Side effects to this medication include; nausa, weight gain, and hair growth. However, video games are a better way to protect young men from STDs because you will be safe at your couch at home.

Audience Choice Award – “The Devil’s Game”

Synopsis: “The Devil’s Game” is a game that no one should ever attempt to play. As shown in the movie it is dangerous. The film starts with an intense game of chess and pans back and forth from the game to a real life situation where a deal is made with the devil.

Best Picture – “The Warden’s Asylum”

Synopsis: “Some places are inherently evil, others are simply made that way.” “The Warden’s Asylum” dated back to the year 1898, when Plant Hall was a hospital that treated soldiers while the Rathskellar was a mental ward. Five students were investigating the Rathskellar, then as the lights went out one of the students went missing. A nurse took him captive in order to be checked out by a doctor. The doctor proceeded to saw off the student’s head.

After much anticipation “The Warden’s Asylum” was declared Best Picture for Campus Movie Fest. Featured in the film was Jackie Schram who also won the award for Best Actress.

Schram said some of the students in “The Warden Asylum” are also members of Theater Honor Society so they wanted to promote the haunted house for next year. The film took two nights to film.

“I don’t think I would have done anything differently,” Schram said.

“It was what is was

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