Online Networking Proves True for The Maine

The Maine’s sudden and abrupt rise to success just goes to prove how much the digital age is upon us.

Networking and online music sites such as Purvolume, Myspace, and the Daily Chorus are quick means of posting music and getting your sound out to thousands of kids a day, all digitally and at the click of a mouse.

But, The Maine are not bitter one bit, as they cite these online networking sites as one of the main reasons for their success.

High School Rockers hailing from Tempe, Arizona are making a huge commotion in the alternative music world.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across these guys in one of my magazines when I saw an ad for their current tour with pop rock/emo kings All Time Low and Mayday Parade. After seeing this, I knew they had to be legit.

Their debut EP for Fearless records walks you right through heavy reverberated guitars and melodic vocals. The Way We Talk, will be looping around your repeat button on iTunes for days after you catch a listen of their contagious-feel good hooks.

Key tracks on the album are definitely “The Way We Talk” and the surprisingly fantastic rock cover of Akon’s, “I Wanna Love You.” But, in all honesty, there is not one bad song on The Maine’s debut EP.

Although one slight downfall to The Way We Talk is their lack of lyrical insight. The common high school dating problems are as apparent on this EP as in any other band in this genre. But, personally I wouldn’t get to discouraged with the lyrics as these kids are all still very young to be in the business of rock and roll.

Though, one thing that The Maine does have on their side is time and lots of it. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Maine develop their song writing skills even more, including lyrics.

So for any interested, check these guys out on Myspace, or do me one better and check them out live at the Orpheum on February 26th with Lorene Drive, Just Surrender, and Farewell.

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