High School Recruit Excited to Join UT

Mary Wickham

Sarah Wickham, a senior out of St. John Neumann high school in Naples, committed to playing for Tampa women’s basketball team shortly before breaking her school’s all-time scoring record. It was one of two records she broke, both previously held by her coach. But Wickham wasn’t born a basketball star.

“I was playing all the sports I could,” Wickham said, “I started when I was eight. When I hit basketball I liked so much, I really focused on it.” This focus along with hard work earned her a couple of places in the Celtic’s record books.

Saturdays were good days for Wickham. Her coach Shannon McFee held the most number of points scored in a game for 22 years. One Saturday, Wickham landed a three-pointer giving her 30 points, edging her superior out of the books by one. This was only preparation for much bigger things to come.

“I knew if I had a similar season to my junior year I would be on track to break it,” said Wickham. “It kind of gave me motivation.”

Saturday, Jan. 12 the Celtics played Highlands Christian. In the third quarter, Wickham fired a shot from beyond the arc, nailing it with ease. Those three points boosted her to 1,864 in her career. The five foot seven guard has not stopped there.

“I’m hoping to hit 2000 for my high school career,” Wickham said. “Maybe end the season with a few over 2000. Like 2040 or something like that.”

As of Jan. 27, she stood only 25 shy of the 2000 mark. It was her impressive ability to put points on the board that attracted Tampa coach Tom Jessee.

“She is one of those kinds of kids, a good perimeter shooter. She’s got a lot of energy,” said Jessee. “We’re hoping she can come right in and be able to contribute to us. She’s making the transition from high school to college which is always tough but we like her overall game and what she’ll bring to the table. We’re graduating a lot of seniors so expectations will be high for her to come in and help.”

Wickham was equally excited to arrive.

“I heard about Tampa through a friend,” the future Spartan said, “I went on my official visit with her and just loved it.”

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