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A winter snow scene in the Florida heat. Trees covered only in bark, leaves left behind at autumn’s closing. Snowflakes descend in the grayed and empty forest on the sleeve of her arm-subtle and bold in the grotesque urban bar with sawdust floors. This was the closest to nature she could be but as sweat bubbles on her snow, does her arm melt?

Through layers of cigarette smoke, he notices her dancing with winter at her side. A vine grows from the apex of his elbow and forearm, inches to feel the cold. Black roses close from lack of light near the crook of his armpit, and the spider webs- how they pull it all together in shades of gray.

Attention UT Artists and Writers!

The Quilt Interest Meeting is on Monday, January 28 at 8:30 p.m. in the Quilt office, Vaughn 204.

There are only a few openings left to genre editors to decide what will be published in our journal!

If you want to be published in the Quilt’s Corner, then please e-mail your poetry, fiction, or artwork to Quilt@ut.edu

Submission deadline for our journal is February 8 For submission details check out our new website: http://www.quiltlitmag.com

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