Facebook Forces Fess-Ups of Flings

Max Roberts

UT students are blaming Facebook for ending their relationships. All over campus, people are distraught over the social website’s detrimental effect on their lovelives.

“My girlfriend would freak out every time [another] girl wrote on my wall,” said Mike Clancy, a UT senior. Not that he’s trying to hide anything, but he feels Facebook is exposing people in the wrong way.

“It’s hard to keep the trust in our relationship when girls are writing on my wall or tagging me in pictures,” he explained.

People with girlfriends or boyfriends from home or other schools are uneasy about being seen in pictures with people their significant others do not know.

Pictures get put up which can ruin your perception of people, said Jon Miller, a junior. “Facebook gives opportunities on both sides for jealousy and envy to come into play. It also makes it hard to resist temptation,” he added.

Others say that because messages can be sent without anyone else seeing them, they get difficult to turn away.

Danielle Topper, a junior, said it’s not what you know, it’s what you suspect. She ended a long distance relationship with her boyfriend because of certain pictures he was tagged in on Facebook. She later on found out that he was, in fact, being unfaithful.

When a group of UT students were asked what they thought of Facebook and its effect on relationships, they replied that it “turns you into a stalker.”

“It’s not even like I try to look for things,” said Jasmine Malekan, a junior. “Everything just pops up on the news feed and it’s hard not to click on it.”

Although some people blame Facebook for ending relationships, others say it just exposes the cheaters.

Jessica Romano, a UT senior, said Facebook gives a lot of power to see what other people are doing. “It could ruin relationships if you are cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend.”

Facebook is definitely getting a lot of the blame, and in some cases, credit, for why long distance and local relationships have ended abruptly.

But despite everything, when students were asked if they would want to delete their account because of it, all replied no.

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