Homecoming 2007

Far more than 300 Spartans turned out for this year’s homecoming celebration which peaked after Josh Murphy and Nicole Miranda were crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

The two received their titles last Saturday after 637 University of Tampa students voted for the homecoming court.

According to organizers, the two faced stiff competition from six other 2007 Homecoming court members. This year’s court included: Christine Falconi, Rebecca Losco, Marie Burns, Alysha Vogel, Jason Lenon, and Andrew Learned.

In light of the friendly rivalry, UT students agree that this year’s Homecoming theme, which is based on “300” the movie, was very fitting.

Homecoming organizer, Khristy Nguyen, said she is pleased with this year’s events.

“The theme was chosen because “300” was an amazing and top-rated movie over the spring,” said Khristy. “The fact that we are the Spartans influenced me to incorporate the “300” theme with our Spartan mascot.

“It worked out perfect too,” she added. “Take the swim team for example; they dressed up as Spartans and made the volleyball game on Friday much more exciting.”

Student Productions organized the week of Homecoming events that all led up to Saturday’s Homecoming Dance where the king and queen were crowned.

The week kicked off on Monday, Oct. 15 with Chalk the Walk where student organizations drew on UT pavements and sidewalks with chalk in order to represent their organization. At the homecoming dance, it was announced that HOLA won the event.

On Tuesday the Vaughn Center hosted tie-dye shirts and free giveaways. Later that night, comedian Steve Hofstetter wowed a crowd of UT students.

Wednesday saw the biggest turn out of all events – Casino Night – where many Spartans gambled the night away and raffled for great prizes.

Thursday night was Ladies Football at Pepin Stadium.

But Friday proved to be one of the busiest and most spirited days, starting with a Spirit Walk and pep rally then ending with a volleyball game.

Homecoming’s busy week came to a spectacular end on Saturday with a soccer game and the Homecoming Dance in the Music Room.

During the homecoming week, the UT Spartans won every game they played.

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