Sociology Club Debates Columbus

The Sociology Club held a Columbus Day event on Monday night to evaluate the historical role of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.

Different members of the club argued for and against celebrating Columbus’ life, before Jay Creighton gave a brief speech in proposal of a “Real First American Day,” as he called it.

Creighton drew upon the dominant anthropological research and gave a portrayal of “Pat,” the first human being to ever have touched the Americas, whose actual name and face have long been lost to history.

As Creighton’s humor-laden account indicates (he finished by asking “whether we can manage to celebrate even a ‘Pat’ hour?”) the night was a relaxed atmosphere including food, music and a free book giveaway.

President Kristi Dahl said that the next Sociology Club events will be a book/bake sale on Oct. 15 and a casual volleyball tournament on Nov. 3.

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