Alumni E-mail Update

New information has been revealed in relation to the article “UT Alumni Grow Up, Grow Out of Their,” which appeared in the Sept. 28 issue of The Minaret.

Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Jay Hardwick revealed recently that alumni have another option for continued use of their addresses.

“Alumni have the ability to sign up for a permanent e-mail forwarding address through our alumni website,,” he explained. “Once they join our online community, they can create an e-mail address with the ending This address does not have an inbox, but messages sent to it will forward to whatever personal e-mail the alum might use.”

He also mentioned that there are currently 75 alumni taking advantage of the program.

Student email accounts are currently being terminated after a minimum of one year from graduating from UT.

The previous termination date was after 90 days of graduation. This policy was changed last year.

When asked about this policy change, Steve Magriby, director of instructional technology, said how the extension is accommodating: “We know that graduated students are looking for jobs, and when they send out resumes they list their UT email account for contact information.”

For staff and faculty, the policy is different. Those who no longer work at UT have their email accounts terminated immediately. With permission, an extension is available.

UT started using email 15 years ago when text-only email was introduced.

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