20 Questions with Reesey Bernard

Shelby Kuni interviews her teammate. Bernard has three goals and four assists in eight games this year.

SK: How did you get your start in soccer and who inspired you to play to the level you are at today?

RB: My mom wanted me to play so she signed me up when I was four, and I’ve played ever since. My family has inspired me by supporting and encouraging me since the beginning, but I know I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my past coaches who really believed in me.

SK: Any other hobbies besides soccer?

RB: Playing Wii, rubbing Courtney’s back, holding your hand, stuff like that.

SK: Most memorable victory as a Spartan?

RB: The 7-2 win over Barry my sophomore year. We had never beaten them before that.

SK: If you were on the reality T.V. show Survivor, what three other people from the team would you want to compete against?

RB: Brittney, because she’s hurt and can’t run, Brianna, because I am bigger than her, and Lauren, because I would just trip her if she was winning.

SK: Any pre game rituals?

RB: Handshakes with Shannon (Agnew), Shannon (Aitken), Courtney and you on the field before kickoff.

SK: Compare yourself to an animal. You would be ______.

RB: El Tigre.

SK: Favorite holiday?

RB: Thanksgiving, because you get to eat. A lot.

SK: If you could have dinner with three other people (dead or alive) who would it be?

RB: My Grandma, David Beckham (if he didn’t talk) and Vince Vaughn.

SK: What’s on your iPod?

RB: Straight up gangsta rap.

SK: What about your favorite “closet” artist?

RB: Hanson.

SK: Dream job?

RB: P.E. Teacher (laughing).

SK: If you could chose anyone on the team to do your homework, who would it be?

RB: Murf (Nicole Murphy).

SK: Something your parents told you as a child that you completely believed?

RB: I believed in Santa Clause until second grade. I was in the bathroom at school and one of my brothers friends came up to me and told me he wasn’t real.

SK: When you’re not playing soccer, you’re ______.

RB: Playing Wii with you.

SK: One toy you wish you could have had as a kid but never did?

RB: Those big cars that you drove around

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