The Minaret’s Most Popular Stories of the Last Year

In case you missed them the first time, here is a selection of the Minaret’s most read articles from the last year (click to read).

Suspect in UT Rape Sought (Story that broke the Gasparilla rape) 967

Student to Sue UT Over Plagiarism Accusation 489

Student Adds Charges to UT Lawsuit (Follow Up) 463

Editorial: Sexual Battery Investigation ‘amp; University Disclosure 417

U.S. Dept. of Education inquires into university’s response to campus rape 396

Kennedy Scooter Crash Leaves Freshman in Critical Condition 345

Rape Victim’s Roommate Speaks Out 328

Athletes Score as Students 286

Blondes Have Got to Go 278

Tanorexics Turning UT Into University of Tanning 233

Nearby Sex Offenders’ House Shocks UT 223

UT’s First Lady Dies at 59 212

Ybor City: 18 to Party, 21 to Leave 196

Three UT Students Win Dancing With The Stars 196

Dating Tips from UT’s Most Popular Guy 185

Hyde Park: A Partygoer’s Paradise 176

Ignorance is Bliss for UT Students 166

Sermon on the Mound 162

2006 Academic Awards Winners 162

Battle-tested Athlete Cleared to Play 158

Cupid’s Arrow Hit or Miss on Valentine’s Day 141

Gym Class Heroes Bully Their Way into the Mainstream 139

Teen Arrested in Campus Vehicle Thefts 139

Four Students Arrested on Various Marijuana Charges 135

UT Volleyball: Business Finished 134

‘She has a great love of life’: Crash victim’s mom opens up 129

Dear Democrats: Obama for President? No! 127

Echeverry: A Look At The Out-Side From The Inside 125

Sex Predators Beware: Don Pedro Is Coming For You 123

Mathe and McKissock Take SG Election 117

Education Prof Takes Different Approach 117

Date Rape Is Sexual Battery (Letter to the Editor) 116

Media’s Rampant Objectification of Women Continues Unabated 111

Academic Shuffle Will Change the Fa
ce of UT

Female President Plagues UT of the North 106

Chick-Fil-A Sauce Ban Deprives Diners of Best Part of Meal 106

Locks of Love: Hair Today . . . Wig Tomorrow 105

Campus Housing: So Close, Yet So Far 104

UT Students: Wake Up! 103

Gasparilla Photo Recap and Caption Contest103

Farewell From Dan the Man 102

Kennedy Place Not The Place To Be 101

UT Students Divided Over Financial Aid 101

Alcohol Abuse Grips UT 101

For The Love Of The Game: Pitcher Ryan Belz 101

Homecoming ’06: Reaching Out to Involve Everyone 100

The Man Whoooo’s Behind Owl Movement 100

Post Office: ‘We’re Maxed Out.’ 100

Toss Another Stingray on the Barbie 100

The Freshman 100

Ybor City: A Ride Through History 100

I, For One, Welcome Our New Squirrel Overlords 100

Students Actually Attend Games 100

Editorial: UT Students Didn’t Respect PEACE’S Homeless Event 100

Why Barack Obama Should Be President 100

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