SG Election Candidates

–President – Vice President–


Ali Mathe, senior (President)

– SG Goals: To be a forum for student input; Increased support for extracurricular organizations and athletics. Increase attendance at events.

– My Greatest Talent is … “my level of commitment to anything I do. When I say that I am going to do something, I not only fully complete the task in a timely manner but give it 110 percent of my time, effort and energy.”

– Current Involvement: SG Treasurer, Sigma Delta Tau, E.L.I.T.E., Criminology Club, Honors Research Fellowship, Alpha Sigma Pi, Psi Chi, Gateways Mentor and Vaughn Info. Desk.

Tom McKissock, junior (Vice President)

– SG Goals: To bring the voice of students to the administration to change policy.

– My Greatest Talent is … “my leadership skills. I have the ability to serve as a role model to influence students to participate and make a difference. As Student Government vice-president, it is essential to possess excellence leadership skills.”

– Current Involvement: SG Sophomore Congressman, RA, Honors Program, E.L.I.T.E. and VP of Finance for Sigma Phi Epsilon

Jordan Rubin, senior (President)

-SG Goals: To further UT as an ideal experience where students are inspired to superior perfromance and are convinced SG supports them. To create an enviroment where students dictate the direction of SG

-My Greatest Talent is … “[that] I lead through influence, with an understanding that those that you lead must first see a positive, working example before they choose to follow.”

-Current Involvement: Kappa Sigma president, UT Men’s Roller Hockey Team

Felicia Serano, senior (Vice President)

-SG Goals: To create a comfortable and friendly environment that allows student involvement.

-My Greatest Talent is… “my interpersonal skills. I am a very friendly person with an outgoing personality and I feel that with my persona, students will find me approachable and very easy to talk to.”

-Current Involvement: Sigma Delta Tau vice president, President Student Advisory Council, Junior Council.

–Vice President of Finance–


Ryan Kearns, sophomore -SG Goals: To promote unity and efficiency by assuring good performance and a clean and honest work ethic.

-My Greatest Talent is … “my leadership and management skills. When an issue arises, I look at all the options, and I see which will be most feasible for every party involved. I also believe that when I deal with certain things, I am looked at as a leader.”

-Current Involvement: Vice president of the Interfraternal Council, E.L.I.T.E. retreat, Honors Program.

Joe Nolan, sophomore

-SG Goals: To continue on the success of the previous board and the same financial management of funds. To make appropriations easier to obtain.

-My Greatest Talent is …”my ability to see the whole picture and to manage financial funds so that we don’t spend too much or too little. It is an essential talent when it comes to managing finance so we have money throughout the semester and don’t spend it too soon..”

-Current Involvement: Accountant

Gerard Spinney,senior -SG Goals: To reach out to students to take advantage of resources and opportunites at UT and to pull together the student body under great SG leadership.

-My Greatest Talent is … “my personal drive. management skills. I will instill my work ethic and dedication to all responsibilities that are given to me … I can effectively manage and disperse funds evenly throughout student organizations … ”

-Current Involvement: Cadet in the army ROTC, ROTC Cadet Club Treasurer, Kappa Sigma member, Student Government Representative for Kappa Sigma.

–Spartan Commuter Organization President–


Andrew Massad, junior

– SG Goals: My vision for the 07-08 school year of Student Government is to continue the ongoing beneficence of both resident and commuter students alike here at the University of Tampa.

– My Greatest Talent is … “I am a natural leader. My confidence, leadership and team-orientation will allow to facilitate with SG meetings and ensure the thoughts and concerns of those whom I represent are addressed.”

– Current Involvement: Member of Alpha Iota Mu, the UT IT Honors Society, the UT Accounting Society and a prospective member of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity

Lakshman Lochan, junior-

– SG Goals: To establish a distinct presence of the commuter population on UT’s campus and help in the coordination of UT resources to commuter and non- commuter students alike.

– My Greatest Talent is … “I strongly believe in fairness and equality and strive to be a fair individual in all respects on a personal level. This I believe can be an asset to SG in that I would also strive for equality of all individuals and organizations.”

– Current Involvement: Work in UT Office of Admissions, vice president of Extreme E.L.I.T.E., member of UT Student Conduct Board, Spring Dance Concert

–Candidates Running Unopposed– Director of Special Events

Stephanie Dutka, junior – SG Goals: My vision for Student Government in the 2007 and 2008 academic year is one that continues off of the momentum created this year.

– My Greatest Talent is … “my ability to pay close attention to detail when organizing events. I believe with my strengths in organization and my focus on details I will be able to plan enjoyable and beneficial campus events for everyone.”

– Current Involvement: Student Government Executive Board, Student Productions and the Honors Council, Diplomats, Gateways Mentor, Campus MovieFest Committee Member and the Student Coordinator of Marketing.

VP of Communications

Mark Kieslor, junior – SG Goals: In the next year I see Student Government building on the foundation that has started a new era for SG this year. The student body will want to stay active and continue to raise school pride in being a Spartan.

– My Greatest Talent is … ” my passion to see Student Government grow and succeed. I am determined to see SG evolve from the foundation what this year has started and is ending on.”

– Current Involvement:Freshmen Congressman last year, current Director of Special Events, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Student Coordinator of Organizations.

Residence Hall Association President

Adam Blattner, sophomore

-SG Goals: For the upcoming 2007 and 2008 school year I would like to see Student Government interact more with other organizations on campus.

– My Greatest Talent is … “listening; I feel this will apply to all my responsibilities of SG. This is very important when holding a position on SG because you represent the whole student body so I plan to take their opinions to the table.”

– Current Involvement: Sigma Chi, Extreme E.L.I.T.E, RHA and Brevard Hall Council.

VP of Public Relations

Brad Whittier, junior

– SG Goals: My vision is to continue the reforms that my fellow executive members and I have instituted this year. I envision creating a face for Student Government in the Tampa community that will fully represent the UT students.

– My Greatest Talent is … “my ability to communicate well within any situation … not only to UT students but also to the faculty and staff.”

-Current Involvement: Director of Student Services for Student Government, Director of Community Service for Extreme E.L.I.T.E., vice president of finance for the Resident Hall Association, Diversity Fellowship.

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