Stencil Graffiti on North B Street

UT security was notified about some “Halloween oriented,” stencil graffiti around campus on the morning on Oct. 17. The first stencil graffiti was located along the wall of the Walker Hall Building. It was a blue stenciled picture of a man holding a skull and normal graffiti that appeared to say, “Freddy Kruger.” Another stencil was located directly across North B Street on one of Brevard Hall’s brick columns. This stencil was the same as the one on Walker Hall. The Vaughn Center received two stencil graffiti, the first located on the bookstore door and the second on the inside of one of the front columns. The graffiti located on the bookstore door was the same “Freddy Kruger” design. The graffiti located on the inside of the column appeared as an irreversible picture with the face of a man. UT security still does not know who graffitied the buildings or what the stencil graffiti means. Charles Mascenik, Director of UT Security notified all patrols when the initial reports came in. “They are defacing the University,” commented Mascenik. The vandalizer will be referred to the Student Conduct Board, Security officials also said. Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to call Security immediately at (813) 253-3333 ex.3333 on campus or off campus at (813) 251-5133.

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