UT Diplomats: Not Your Typical Spartans

Inductions were Sept. 26 in Fletcher Lounge. In 1983, the Diplomat organization was created to be the official face of the University of Tampa. A Diplomat is a distinguished ambassador to the university and is not just an ordinary student. They are leaders in all areas of their lives. The Diplomats have a responsibility to the organization as well as to the larger university structure. They are role models who set the standard for the student body, providing services for fellow students, faculty, administration, alumni and the Tampa Bay community.

Returning Diplomats:

Jessie Hsu (President) Mike Haines (VP of Fundraising) Katie Netsch (VP of Philanthropy) Stephanie Sands (VP of Communications) Katie Seamands (VP of Orientation) Nadya Nilluckdharry (VP of Internal Affairs) Ashley Wolf (VP of Events)

Erik Allmond Teresa Bargiel Laura Blundell Lindsay Brewer Lauren Carpenter Janette Espinosa Polly Fiely Ally Hovance MacKenzie Johnson Adam Labonte Andrew Madock Kim O’Shea Miranda Peterson Kristen Rathjen Aurore Scordino Beth Sefton Keith Shevenell Anthony Wincko

Newly inducted Diplomats:

Laura Alesi Ashley Arias Arianne Djahandari Stephanie Dutka Andrea Ferzoco Stephanie Goldstein Lacey Greenberg Jake Hightower Adam Kunz Adrienne McGill Vanessa Panaligan Stephanie Pavlich Sheandra Pollack Matt Pugatch Reagan Quarg Amber Rehman Hillary Wild

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