Post Office: “We’re Maxed Out.”

Shannon Agnew

There’s only one thing more valuable at UT than a wristband good for every club in Ybor City – time. Between classes, meetings, organizations, homework, partying and trying to find a parking space, UT students are finding their time comes at a higher and higher premium as the semester grinds on. With so many other things to worry about, it would seem reasonable for students to be able to expect their package pickup process to be relatively quick and painless, not to mention convenient. However, at the Riverside Center, they’re finding it’s anything but.

“It’s kind of a pain because of the hours,” explained Sophomore Ali Woodaman.

“[The time slot] is too short,” agreed senior Nicholas Mavriommatis. “They should expand the hours.”

Of course, misery loves company. The crunched time slot means that everyone typically bum-rushes the Riverside Center at once, often causing a bottleneck and a long line due to the limited number of workers inside the building.

“Sometimes it’s a pain to go to the Riverside Center when you’re loaded down with classes

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