Pi Kap Gets Its Roll On

The members of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, along with 50 other participants, got a first hand view of what it’s like to have a disability on Saturday, Sept. 16. After being provided with wheel chairs, the group wheeled its way through MacFarlane Park on a mile long journey.

“I had only been wheeling my chair for 25 minutes before my hands were red and my arms were limp,” recalls Pi Kappa Phi member Jeremy Horowitz.

The five Pi Kappa Phi brothers were surrounded by basketball teams, families and other supporters of the cause to raise money for the Freedom Playground Foundation, which assists in funding universally accessible playgrounds, as well as contributing to other non-profit organizations promoting recreation and athletics for people with disabilities.

The next step for Pi Kappa Phi is to join up with the Freedom Playground Foundation once again, where the money raised will go towards building a 100 percent wheelchair accessible playground. Pi Kappa Phi is “very eager to start this project.”

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