UT Administration Speaks Out: “We’d Rather Encourage Designated Drivers.”

For many, college is a time to get down to business and work on a career which will support them for the rest of their lives. For others, coming to college means getting away from home and having the freedom to do as they please. For those who come for the latter, the University of Tampa proves a great choice if for no other reason than the numerous partying opportunities that are only a few miles from campus.

Whether they choose to go clubbing in Ybor or bowling at Splitsville, students at UT have a wide range of options for having a good time. For those who decide to escape campus for the evening, the issue of transportation is often their last concern. The multiple taxis hovering outside the Vaughn Center get the job done, but some students want more. For them, the answer is not a taxi but a “Fun Party Bus.”

For those who favor the party bus option, there’s a problem. The UT administration does not allow party buses to come on campus. Students are still able to hire their services; however, they have to meet the bus off campus. One service in particular, the “Fun Party Bus” company, is causing a stir. Currently, the service picks up students by the Amscot building near Austin Hall. Some students think it’s great.

“All I have to do is call and the bus will come get me,” said UT student Ryan Kievit.

The service’s proprietor, Adam Reynolds, feels the requirement of picking up students off campus is ridiculous. “I’m providing an inexpensive and safe transportation service to and from the university,” he said.

When asked about what goes on inside the bus, Reynolds mentioned his bus has music, lights and a video monitor and that alcohol is not allowed on board the buses. In fact, if any underage drinking takes place, the service will stop and local police may be notified. The bus holds a total of eighteen people and is county and state certified to transport the public.

Reynolds, a graduate of the University of Tampa, said he saw the drinking and partying going on while he was a student here and feels that his bus company is doing something to help alleviate the problem or at least make UT’s partying a little safer.

Ybor City club employees agree. An undisclosed source stated that he has seen the bus in action and believes it deters drinking and driving while providing a much safer way to get to Ybor.

Dean of Students Bob Ruday feels differently. In his opinion, the name of the service itself is reason enough to not allow it on campus.

“We don’t know what’s going on in those buses,” he said, adding, “We caution students not to drink and drive.” Ruday explained that if UT administration allowed the bus on campus it would look like they were promoting a party atmosphere. “We’d rather encourage designated drivers.”

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