Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I feel the poll you took does not show the true UT student prospective of just how awful the new webpage really is. A freshman and an alumnus were included in this little poll. I feel these students do not count. A freshman is new to the site, and for all she knows, this new site could have been the same design as the old site. Asking an alumnus is just silly. How often is he really on the site anyway?

I am on the site quite a lot and was insulted at the new design. It looks more like a blog than a university webpage. Is the school purposely using our site to boost the student body here at UT? The campus is already packed, the caf has incredible lines during rush hours, and yes, today, I had to wait in line at the Riverside building for a package. With all the housing issues UT has ignored, the school makes a website “improvement” that looks like an advertisement to those still in high school.

Why are webpages changing all of a sudden? Facebook got a facelift that turns the average user into a stalker. Webshots changed their layout for the worst. Why can’t we just have a status quo when it comes to sites? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I strongly urge the students at this school to e-mail the publicinfo@ut.edu and write comments about the new site. I feel the more comments and suggestions we send, the better the site will be.

– Josh Tahan

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