Traveling, People and Mary Beth

She saw it in the eyes of the children she gave balloons and stickers to in Kenya. She’s seen changes that former witchdoctors and moonshiners have made have. Mary Beth Doozan has even lived in a van in the inner city to spread the message of Jesus Christ. While most young people are concerned with concerts and clothes, Doozan wants to be a world changer. Using the Bible as a back bone, she’s served as a missionary in Europe when she was 16, Africa at 17, Latin America at 19, Europe at 20 and Asia at 24. “Kenya was the most fascinating for me,” 24-year-old Doozan said. “I actually felt like [it was] being back in the Bible times, going from village to village. It was the first time I really experienced the third world. It was a drastic difference.” She knew that conditions would be harsh. “We were out in the bush. There were animals roaming around

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