Numerous organizations and individuals were recognized for their contributions to campus at Tuesday’s Leadership Awards Night. Along with many of the campus leaders that students see and interact with on a daily basis, the awards recognized others whose role in campus life is one that is more behind-the-scenes in nature. All of the winners and nominees play an integral part in providing UT students the opportunity to succeed in both their academics and extracurricular activities.

The Minaret wishes to congratulate all of the winners. We also praise them for the hard work that they do and the valuable contributions they make to the UT community.

For some students, getting involved on campus is seen as a burden that comes without any compensation. For this reason, they do not see the purpose of getting involved in any organizations. But surely the winners of this week’s awards can attest to the fact that the recognition they receive and tasks they accomplish through their work are more meaningful than any financial or material compensation.

Members of PEACE, for example, received several awards as both an organization and for the individual work that they do. In an organization whose mission is all about volunteering, watching their work result in the betterment of communities and the lives of less fortunate people is enough to satisfy PEACE members that there is a greater purpose and a greater benefit to the work that they do. Other organizations can share this same feeling that their selfless work does not go without thanks and appreciation.

For this reason, as always, The Minaret, encourages students to become involved in as many campus activities as they can. In the long run, campus involvement is something that you will be able to look back on with much pride.

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